Written In The Stars

The collection 'Written in the Stars' was created in purpose to highlight the best of every sign, the strongest characters, their beautiful parts, and all of it wrapped with optimism and good vibes. I've been interested in Zodiac and their meanings since I was a little girl. I was always the person who says 'You're so typical Gemini' just by talking to you, I deeply believe in it and feel that it reflects a lot about me and my life. (if you want to know the 'real me', read my Libra interpretation)

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Girl Power

Unlock your feminine power with these positive, fun, and inspiring arts. Be the next Wonder Woman by broadening your mind to a whole new positivity of women empowerment and women equality. Are you a girl that just wants to have some fun to rock some premium girl power? Then check these out.

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Good Vibes Only

Good vibes are only right for you. So let these arts feed your mind with positive thinking. These inspirational artworks made of bright, pastel colors are created for the sole purpose of brightening your day, keeping you confident and optimistic always. So scroll through to feel good and add color your day.

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Love in Black & White

Did you know minimalism is the new cool?
Untangle the complexity of love and experience Cupid in pared-back simplicity; in black and white. Be the nouveau kind of couple goals by letting these love in minimalism’s true glory wash over you, and make your stomach flutter with sweetness.

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The Optimist Shop - Collections - Love In Black & White
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