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Hi, It's Me!

Hello! My name is Natalie Label, and I am a Graphic designer, Illustrator, and adventurer.
 I am the 'brain' behind The Optimist, and here, I bring two of my biggest love together, art and home decor.

Why the Optimist?

People often describe me as an optimist, resourceful and happy person. I Love to smile, and it's the most common facial expression on my face, I believe that happiness and smiles are contagious and this is the reason I try to smile all the time to people I don't know.

Optimism is one of my main guideline in life, and what motivates me and give me the power to push forward and fight for the things I want in life.

 My personal life and life goals directly inspire my artwork. I love to create art that involves strikes positive messages. Thus, lots of my arts are inspired by music or lyrics to songs that I appreciate or relate to.

My Art

My style is modern and realistic and known for its bright and happy colors; I also incorporate botanical inspiration and typography into a lot of my art.

My interest in beautiful art is sustained by my ability to share happiness with the world through real art.

Thank you for being here,

The Optimist.

Where You Can Find Me?

The Optimist is an online store, and all my activity is online, you can buy my art right here, from my independent store, or with my other POD shops:

Society6   |   Redbubble

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