Tips & Tricks to Re-Style your Rented Home

The Optimist - Tips & Tricks to Re-Style your Rented Home

Have you ever been to a friend’s place and never stopped basking in the aura of the home? I tell you what, I have. And if you’re like me, I know you’d want to give that rented apartment of yours an entirely new look.

Redesigning or re-styling does not have to be permanent so that it can be removed later. Temporary re-styling ensures that you can still get your deposit back by the time you want to move out of the rented apartment.

Below are some expert tips on how to carry out re-styling of a rented home without making a permanent change to the home.

The Optimist - Tips & Tricks to Re-Style your Rented Home - Small Details

Wallpaper / Wall Murals

You can go for wallpaper instead of paints for home re-styling. If the bland color of the four walls in that room is nauseating or offish, then you can apply wallpapers to one or two of the walls for a unique but affordable transformation. The colorful wallpaper can equally rid the home of boredom. However, make sure you only use wallpapers bearing complementary designs. The wallpaper is removable, and you can peel it off the wall when you want to pack out. Wall murals, meanwhile, often make the biggest impact in the room if you do it right. Matter of fact, nothing creates an eye-catching focal point than a beautiful wall mural.

The Optimist - Tips & Tricks to Re-Style your Rented Home - Wall Mural - Society 6
Thinking about adding a wall mural or wallpaper to your home? Check my collection

Décor disguise

Some oddly placed power outlets, light switches and lights in the rented home may make the place look off, but there is almost nothing you can do about such things. However, you can camouflage the light switches in the home using a tasteful gallery wall. It will add style and porch to the home, though the transformation is not permanent and can be removed when you are ready to move from the rented home.

The Optimist - Tips & Tricks to Re-Style your Rented Home - Gallery Wall - Art Prints
Add are prints that speak your soul and create beautifully gallery wall! Looking for inspiration? Check this article and my Pinterest board to get inspired

Glitz and glam

Washi tape can make a great change to the interior space in your rented home. Gold duct tape is yet another reliable item for making a big impact in the home.  With the tape, you can make items in the home look more beautiful and presentable than ever. For example, the good duct tape can transform your ordinary white fridge into a glitzy showstopper under a few minutes. The application is easy, and the outcome is always exceptional and impressive.

Custom shelving

Are the shelves looking odd and bear evidence of years of use? You can turn things around by covering them with wallpapers. You can do these things by yourself without any professional help.

The Optimist - Tips & Tricks to Re-Style your Rented Home - Custom Shelvings

Pro Tip: One last tip and really easy to do is to add greenery! plants are absolutely beautiful and add so much color and brightness to the room.

The Optimist - Tips & Tricks to Re-Style your Rented Home - Greenery, Plants and Flowers
A few plants make all the difference

Got more pro tips for ways to decorate your rented home? Leave a comment and let us know!


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