How to Create the Perfect Gallery Wall

How to Create the Perfect Gallery Wall

A gallery wall can make the home look beautiful and impressive. It also does not have to be expensive for it to have the desired effect. You can follow the simple tips below when creating the perfect gallery wall for your home.

Pick your style
Your style of a gallery wall design depends on your personality. Always look for a design that fits your romantic, classic or eclectic personality. A seemingly random design will be perfect for an eclectic personality, while an individual in search of something classic should go for a spaced-out grid design. While choosing your style, also consider your preferred color scheme. You may have to mix sculptured, unframed, photo and even artwork when choosing the perfect style for the room.
One of the factors to consider includes the original interior décor. Go for a style that will complement the interior décor so that you can get top value from the gallery wall.


Perfect gallery wall - Find your style
Romantic gallery wall with golden frames

Perfect gallery wall - Bold colored wall
Bold and colorful wall with a mix of decor and frames

The layout
You can do the layout perfectly even if you are not a designer.  First, you should plan out the creation before you pull out the nail and hammer so that everything can be in perfect order when the actual process kick starts. Then lay out the gallery pieces on the floor beginning with the centerpiece. Laying them out ensure that you will not have different sculptural items clumped together.  Make sure you mix both sculptural and framed pieces evenly during the laying out.  This may not be easy for a first-timer, but you will get the hang of it after experimenting for a couple of times. 

Minimal, single-color, straight lines

Perfect gallery wall - free style design
Freestyle, no frames

Mock trial
The mock trial will help you to find out if the composition is properly placed and determine how it will look when placed against the wall. The trial is better done by mocking up the gallery with paper. Each frame should be traced on a piece of tissue paper or kraft, after which you should trim it to size and tape it to the wall in any order you desire. Find out also if it is properly grouped around close by furniture.

Hang it out
Next, mark each of the paper at the spot where you want to drive in the nail. Place the paper on the wall and hammer the nails into it at the spots you have marked on the paper. Once the nail is in place, tear the placeholder from the gallery.

The tips above can help you create that perfect gallery wall for beautifying any room in your home and transform an erstwhile ordinary space into a gorgeous place of abode. If you're looking for inspiration regards what to put inside your frames, you can take a look at my art prints collection.

Share your idea of a perfect gallery wall on my IG page and tag #theoptimist_art 😀waiting to see your amazing results!

Perfect gallery wall - Find your style

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