Hi, I'm The Optimist!

Hi, I'm The Optimist!

Hi! My name is Natalie, but you can call me The Optimist 😉
You are probably asking yourself why, and where it all begins, right?

So I'll tell you...

I'm a graphic designer (since the day I was born), but technically, it's about five years since I started to do it as a profession. My day to day work is mainly designing and defining digital products such as application and websites.

I never thought of myself as an artist or illustrator, and I stayed on that route for a while. Meanwhile, I always love to push my boundaries and try new things; things that scare me; things I have no idea how to do (like writing this about page right now). So I started to test my illustration skills about a year ago, and suddenly I realized I have the ability to draw. Yes I know, I'm not the best illustrator out there, but I think I can tell my story through it.

Exactly one year ago, I opened my Instagram account and started to share my work online, I had no clue what I was going to do, which kind of illustration or technique I'll use, or what people are going to think about, but I just went with the flow...

This past year was a year of experiments. I tried so many techniques, mediums, and style; and I also took art classes in typography, watercolor, sketch, digital art, pattern design, and the list goes on and on. Everything I did in the last year brought me closer to this moment. My Instagram got filled with so many different techniques, and I could see your reaction to each type of art I created, the positive feedback was amazing and gave me the courage to try to do what I'm doing now.

Why the Optimist?

People often describe me as an irredeemable optimist, resourceful and happy person. I Love to smile, and it's the most common facial expression on my face, I believe that happiness and smiles are contagious and this is the reason I try to smile all the time to people I don't know, just to give them the feeling that someone out there, who don't know them, acknowledge in their excitement. Optimism is one of my main guideline in life, and what motivates me and give me the power to push forward and fight for the things I want in life.



If you're following my IG from the beginning, you probably noticed I had been a little MIA lately from posting. Well, that was because of the massive work I did for my new project, "The Optimist." I worked really hard on this new collection, with some combination of older pieces I created.
Every piece you see here was carefully selected, and each represents a different piece of me. And that’s something I care about or just some positive inspiration to feel you up.

So... what is exactly I do?
Basically, it's a combination of two worlds I love genuinely. On one side is my art, that is filled with positive vibes, and on the other side, is the home decor and interior design world, combining together.


Fun facts about me

This site is a POD (Print On Demand) site. That means I only print what you order.
Now, what makes it different from other POD's sites is that here, you can only find my art 😆Beyond that, you can also find in my blog, tips, tricks and ideas all revolving around home decor and happiness as well as freebies and all other fun stuff that will cross my mind on my journey here.

Hope you will enjoy it, as much as I enjoy creating it,
and if you're still not following me on IG, now is a great time The_Optimist 😜

The Optimist 🙂

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