5 Steps to Make Your Home Look Happier

The Optimist - Blog Post - Make Your Home Happier

Happiness is the only factor that differentiates a house from a home. A place of abode may never be an interesting place if there is no happiness. You should be glad to return home after each day's work and the only way to make this possible is if your place of abode exudes happiness. If your home does not have the aura of happiness, you can turn things around and make the home the happiest place on earth.

Check below for five steps to make the home look happier.

Keep the place sparkling clean

A tidy home will make the inhabitants feel happy.  A tidy home sends the message that you have everything under control and everyone entering your home will get the message right from the moment they walk in through the front door.  A tidy and consequently happy home can reduce your stress level. If you do not know, scrubbing the floor and general cleaning activities can increase the quantity of endomorphin produced by your body; endomorphin is capable of lifting the mood.

The Optimist - Make Your Home Happier - Clean and tide house
Make sure your home is clean, organized and welcoming, every day you walk int

Reduce clutter

One other thing to do to make the home tidy and feel happier is to reduce clutter. It may be impossible to banish clutter completely, but you should get rid of it every time you have the opportunity.  Studies have shown that seeing clutters lying around can make people feel tense, which can produce more stress hormone. Maybe it is time to remove those age-long souvenirs and works of art. Even if you are not ready to dispose of them, you can find a tidy space for them in the garage.

Add beautiful throw pillows

Decorating your home with those little throw pillows might seem like a negligible part of the design process. But I tell you what, it’s one of the most effective ways to transform your house into a home. From the color scheme to the arrangement formula, throw pillows will always keep on high levels of optimism.

The Optimist - Make Your Home Happier - Choose Your Pillow
Make your home light with colorful and fun pillows with positive inspiration, check my optimist collection of pillows


What do you want people to know about you? You can make your home to speak volume about those things. You can adopt a home décor related to that particular thing and looking at it will keep you happy and make you love to return home after each day's work.

The Optimist - Make Your Home Happier - Self Expression - Gallery WallExpress yourself with art, color, and attention to little details

Daylight inflow can help

You can equally make you home look happier by allowing the daylight to stream in.  You may not believe it, but the inflowing daylight can evaporate all your problems and worries, thereby leaving you happy and relaxed while stretching lazily on your most beloved living room couch.

The Optimist - Make Your Home Happier - Daylight Bright Home

So, what's your secret sauce to make your home look happier and inviting? If you got something I didn't think about you can leave a comment here. And if you used any of my tips and want to share on IG don't forget to tag #theoptimist_art

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